NOTE: The Fn key works independently from the operating system.
Fn key Function

Turn off the LCD display, leaving the screen blank

NOTE: To turn the LCD display on again, press any key or the TrackPoint stick.


Turn standby mode on

NOTE: To return to normal operation, press the Fn key independently, without pressing a function key.


Switch between the LCD and an external monitor (CRT)

If an external monitor is attached, computer output is displayed in the following three patterns by turns:

  • CRT display
  • LCD + CRT display
  • LCD


  1. This function is not supported if different desktop images are displayed on the computer display and the external monitor.
  2. This function does not work while a DVD movie or a video clip is playing.

Turn screen expansion on or off

NOTE: There is no symbol on the key.


Turn hibernation mode on

To return to normal operation, press the power button for less than four seconds.

Fn+PageUp Turn the ThinkLight on or off

NOTE: This function is supported only on the ThinkPad computers that have the ThinkLight. The on or off status of the ThinkLight is shown on the screen for a few seconds when the user presses Fn+PgUp.
Fn+Home The LCD becomes brighter
Fn+End The LCD becomes less bright
Fn+Spacebar Enable the FullScreen Magnifier function.