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What Is This?

Hi. This is Tom Duff's family web site.

What's Here?

The front page (Home on the navigation bar above) lists goings-on and items of family interest. The list overflows onto the Old News page. The Index page has the same items, organized into categories.

Who is this?

I'm the Tom Duff who
  • was born in Toronto, Canada in 1952,
  • is the son of Dan and Jean Duff,
  • is the brother of Bob Duff,
  • went to John Fisher Public School in Toronto,
  • went to Bessborough Public School in Leaside,
  • graduated from Leaside High School (Ontario Scholar, 1970),
  • and the University of Waterloo (B. Math., 1974),
  • and the University of Toronto (M. Sc., 1976),
  • worked at the New York Institute of Technology Computer Graphics Lab,
  • and the Mark Williams Company in Chicago,
  • and the Lucasfilm Computer Research and Development Division,
  • and the Bell Telephone Laboratories Computing Science Research Center,
  • and Pixar Animation Studios,
  • married Susan Dickey of Erie, PA,
  • is the stepfather of Rachael Evans and Keelan Evanini (né Evans),
  • is the father of Tim Duff,
  • is the (step)grandfather of Alastair Donofrio,
  • and Gavin Evanini,
  • and Phoebe Donofrio,
  • and Stella Evanini,
  • and Iris Evanini.

Oh. I was looking for someone else.

Here's a list of people I know of that share my name. In many cases there's no way to tell if two web pages refer to the same person, so there may be duplicates. In the late 1990s there were only two Tom Duffs visible on the internet (me and the CEO of Wellman, Inc.) Today there's so many I can't even cull through them all. (This is just an excuse in case I don't keep this list up-to-date.)
  • I have a (distant) cousin named Tom Duff. He's about ten years older than me and I've only met him once or twice. As far as I know he has no web presence.
  • Tom Duff was picked by Philly in the fifth round of the 1966 NBA draft.
  • Tom Duff works in the CIS department at the University of Paisley in Scotland.
  • Tom Duff is the CEO of Wellman, Inc., a privately-held manufacturer of recycled polyester and nylon fiber and resins, wool top and anhydrous lanolin.
  • Tom Duff was an actor in the Celtic Theater Company at Seton Hall University during the late 1970s and early '80s.
  • Tom Duff is the pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Athens, GA.
  • Tom Duff is an Architect, Electronic Marketing for Hartford Commercial Lines.
  • Thomas Duff is a Lotus Certified Professional (PCLP R5 App Dev, CLP R5 Sys Admin, PCLP R4, App Dev & Sys Admin) and Sun Certified Java Programmer working for Boom Vang Consulting, Inc., in Portland, Oregon.
  • Tom Duff plays accordion on one of Mary Duff's videos.
  • Tom Duff is a Deputy Fire Marshal with the Cromwell, CT Fire Department.
  • Dr. Tom Duff is an MBA program director with the University of Minnesota Department of Business Education.
  • Thomas Duff & Company (India) Limited exports from India all variety of Jute Products, including Sacking, Hessian Cloth, Hessian Bags, Jute Yarn and other value added products.
  • Thomas D. Duff, Jr. was the treasurer of the Pitkin Glassworks, and is supervising an archaeological excavation of the works.
  • Dr. Thomas Duff is a neurosurgeon and university professor.
  • Dr. Thomas Duff is a pediatrician in Latham, NY.
  • Tom Duff is on the Waterbury, CT Fire Department. His helmet shield is displayed here.
  • Tom Duff is the Chairman of the Board and Head Technician of Dufftronix, which is apparently a student-run volunteer group that does PC consulting in Sparta, New Jersey.

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