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Song Meme td Sun Dec 3 17:19:36 2017
Tenser, said the Tensor mentions a Song Meme. Here's my list:
Favorite Beatles song: 3 way tie!
Revolution 9
A Day in The Life
Favorite solo song by a former Beatle: Maybe I'm Amazed
Favorite Rolling Stones song: Sympathy for the Devil
Favorite Bob Dylan song: 4 way tie! (all from the same album!)
Highway 61 Revisited
Desolation Row
Like a Rolling Stone
Ballad of a Thin Man
Favorite Pixies song: N/A
Favorite Prince song: Little Red Corvette
Favorite Michael Jackson song: Ben
Favorite Metallica song: Enter Sandman
Favorite Public Enemy song: Fight the Power
Favorite Depeche Mode song: N/A
Favorite Cure song: N/A
Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: Kurt Weill's Surabaya Johnny, as performed by Kathy Berberian
Favorite Beastie Boys song: Fight for Your Right
Favorite Police song: Murder by Numbers
Favorite Sex Pistols song: God Save the Queen
Favorite song from a movie: Third Man Theme
Favorite Blondie song: One Way or Another
Favorite Genesis song: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Favorite Led Zeppelin song: How Many More Times
Favorite INXS song: N/A
Favorite Weird Al song: The Saga Begins
Favorite Pink Floyd song: Set the Controls for the Heard of the Sun
Favorite cover song: Music for Airports/Bang on a Can Allstars
Favorite dance song: The Rite of Spring
Favorite U2 song: Pride (In the Name of Love), but many close seconds.
Favorite disco song: Donna Summers' version of MacArthur Park
Favorite The Who song: Won't Get Fooled Again
Favorite Elton John song: Rocket Man
Favorite Clash song: Should I Stay or Should I Go
Favorite David Bowie song: Space Oddity
Favorite Nirvana song: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Favorite Snoop Dogg song: Murder was the Case
Favorite Ice Cube song: N/A
Favorite Johnny Cash song: I Walk The Line
Favorite R.E.M. song: What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
Favorite Elvis song: Tie: Heartbreak Hotel, Suspicious Minds
Favorite cheesy-ass country song: George Jones's Brown to Blue
Favorite Billy Joel song: The Longest Time, many close seconds.
Favorite Bruce Springsteen song: Born to Run, a zillion close seconds.
Favorite Big Audio Dynamite song: N/A
Favorite New Order song: N/A
Favorite Neil Diamond song: I'm a Believer
Favorite Squeeze song: Tempted
Favorite Smiths song: N/A
Favorite Tragically Hip song: N/A